Solvable problem

The system is intended to overcome the obstacles imposed by telecom companies on their private customers that include assigning IP addresses from the private segment (RFC1918) and blocking certain traffic types and applications that are usually limited to local-area networks.


Market analytics

The market for such services has not formed yet


Main competitors

There are no competitors on Russian market. Neither are on the international market in 2016. The closest analog is Hamachi system (https://www.vpn.net/)

Some router manufacturers (Zyxel) lets users of Zyxel equipment to publish their home Web devices under domain name in keenetic.net

Also some VPN providers (who specialize in providing anonymous Internet access) let users connect their equipment through VPN tunnels using internal IP addresses


Unique selling proposition

Remote access to the network devices without ISP public IPv4 addresses.

As compared to Hamachi, our system doesn’t require installing any additional software, but rather uses built-in VPN clients of most operating systems and home modems and routers.

As compared to Zyxel, our system works with wide range of equipment from different vendors and opensource software.

Main difference from VPN providers, our system routes client’s private IP addresses so it provides outside access to entire client’s networks connected to his home modem or router

As opposed to all aforementioned competitors we provide our clients with the following additional network services: private DNS and WINS, broadcast and multicast streaming, private telephone network based on SIP PBX.


The essence of the technology used

Service users set up VPN tunnels to the central server and thus form a single network that encompasses not only the immediate VPN endpoint but also whatever equipment is connected to them (like in the case of setting up VPN from a home router).

This single network gives users access to their home network-attached equipment (video cameras, computers, NAS, “smart home” devices) via their internal IP addresses, for example 192.168.x.x, regardless of protocols and ports in use.

Having just one VPN tunnel set up, user can reach his home network-attached equipment using a browser with HTTP proxy support or SSH or VNC clients that support SOCKS5 proxy.

Furthermore, having one VPN tunnel set up, user can access his home equipment from anywhere on the Internet using a special URL like https://<name-tag>.vpnki.ru (so called reverse proxy service) or using a TCP port on server msk.vpnki.ru.

Having connected their equipment to our server, our customers can make use of additional network functions: private DNS server, WINS server, broadcast and multicast streaming, letting them use different applications that normally function only on a LAN – device location, DLNA players, etc.


Current indicators and project achievements

Starting on September, 2016 we have achieved the following technical goals:

  • created system backend supporting the following VPN protocols: PPTP, L2TP, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN; remote access via HTTP and SOCKS5 proxy as well as reverse proxy
  • created infrastructure to provide additional communication services (DNS, WINS and other)
  • created infrastructure to provide storage services for users with ftp, nfs, webdav, smb, http, rsync, s3 support
  • created and published system frontend for free use (for testing purposes), including user interface, equipment setup guides, tech support forum, etc.
  • created an application to monitor health of system components
  • developed an API to integrate third party applications
  • in September 2017 a European version of our system with paid access was launched in Amsterdam (for testing purposes)
  • in middle of 2018 we started testing payment system

Marketing, advertisement and commercial goals:

  • established partner relationship with “smart home” software developer, MajorDoMo. Developed a plugin for MajorDoMo software and created a demo, showcasing their integration online
  • in April 2018 we started testing payment system with tariff plan, services, speed and traffic limits
  • we started tariff-programm VPNKOIN
  • system Internet site has Yandex Site quality index of 290

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- Employees and qualifications

- Plans

- Round of investments

- Required amount

- Target

- Sources of funds and the structure of the company's shares

- Terms of the deal and the valuation of the company

Additional Information

Technical composition of the system

System is based on Open Source software.

System contains four main components:

  • server of web content
  • switching server
  • application server
  • monitoring server

What is used

  • OS - Debian, Ubuntu
  • containers - Docker
  • web server - Apache
  • DB - MySQL
  • CMS - Joomla!
  • monitoring - ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana)
  • network devices: routers Cisco, firewall Cisco ASA
  • servers, storage, storage network - Hewlett-Packard, Brocade

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