1. Enter in Settings menu

2. Select "More" and then "VPN"

android eng to l2tp 1       android eng to l2tp 2


3. Create new profile with VPNKI name and protocol L2TP/IPSec PSK (just for information PSK - authentication based on key, RSA - authentication based on certificate. You need PSK):

android eng to l2tp 3        android eng to l2tp 4

4. Please enter address of VPN server - and IMPORTANT! Enter "IPSEC PRE-SHARED KEY" - vpnki

5. Unfortunatly VPN connections in Andoid 6.0 can't use DHCP protocol. This means we have to add some static routes:

  • route to VPNKI network -
  • roiute to your network addresses in your remote location (if it should be available via VPN interface). For example if you have a home network with such addresses

android eng to l2tp 5        android eng to l2tp 6

6. Now try to connect. Please put username and password that you got on vpnki site.

android eng to l2tp 7