for VPNKI with OpenVPN

You will need:

- Last version of OpenVPN app from Google Play

- Profile file in .ovpn format from your personal page of


1. Download and setup OpenVPN app from Google Play, then start it and touch button at the right up corner

android openvpn rus 1       android openvpn rus 2


3. Select "Import" profile in .ovpn format. You can download it from personal page of and store on SD card

android openvpn rus 3        android openvpn rus 4

4. Select file with name started by vpnki_....ovpn and press "Select". After successful import please fill "Username" and "Password" fields. Username and password you will find on personal page of


android openvpn rus 5        android openvpn rus 6

6. Now you can connect and check connection

android openvpn rus 7