for VPNKI with PPTP without encryption

1. Enter in "Settings" menu

2. Then select "More" and then "VPN"



3. Create new profile of VPN-connection with name "VPNKI" and PPTP protocol:


4. Enter VPN server address - and Important! Deselect box "PPP encryption (MPPE)". Please select "Show advanced options"

5. Unfortunatly VPN-connections in Andoid 6.0 can not use DHCP protocol to receive IP addresses and routes from server. To use VPNKI you should write in your Android followig:

  • route to VPNKI internal addresses -
  • route to "yours other tunnel addresses", in example if your home network use this


6. Last step select VPN connection "VPNKI", put "Username" and "Password" that you already received on your page on