Welcome to the remote access system!

Since 2016, the vpnki service provides remote access from the Internet to internal network resources.

With us, you can easily integrate your devices into a single network, without restrictions on addresses and protocols. You can organize remote access from the Internet to your devices that have private IP addresses.

With our system you can create a distributed home network for all your objects and devices. This can be a home network of an apartment, a summer residence and, of course, mobile devices of the whole family.

Our system is used by individuals, small companies and individual entrepreneurs, who need to combine their technological facilities into a single infrastructure.


We have four main ways to remotely access network devices without acquiring a static IP address from the ISP:



Using our service, you will not need to activate the "public IP address" ("static IP address") service from your service provider and pay him money


You will not need to use ddns services and configure port forwarding on your router to access the internal resources of your home network.

You can use the following protocols for VPN connections - PPTP, L2TP, L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN


The general rules of our service can be found here.

As part of the vpnki services, there are additional services that you can read about on this site.


The vpnki tunnel service was free for those connecting since 2016. Since April 2018, we introduced a small payment to compensate for the cost of hosting and traffic.


Get connected in three easy steps:

    Step 1. Registration

    Step 2. Configure tunnels on the personal page vpnki.ru

    Step 3. Configure your device


For general questions and registration issues, please contact us directly.

For questions about settings and system health, write to the tech support forum.

Please forgive us, but we are not able to answer technical questions by e-mail or in the form of comments on the site materials. For technical issues, we have only one place - the forum.

We can provide paid consultations on equipment and system settings additionally.


We will be happy to help you!


vpnki team



3 steps to connect - 14 days free!