Seek no further! Use VPNKI – the meeting point for your tunnels regardless of providers, cities or even countries.

There’s nothing complex about a tunnel into one’s home network:

  • Set up your home Internet router for a VPN tunnel based on PPTP to our service “VPNKI.RU”
  • Set up a similar tunnel on your office PC, smartphone or tablet

Our advantages:

  • Free of charge. You don’t have to pay your provider premium for a “public” IP address and VPNKI service is free.
  • No waiting. Our service is fully automated from start to end so there are no delays in setting it up. You can link you smartphone to your home network in minutes.
  • No networking expertise needed to set up.
  • No 3-party software. You don’t have to install anything on your smartphone, home router, etc.: built-in software fill suffice just fine.
  • No need for DDNS. We use static addresses. Of course using or not using DNS is up to you.
  • No need for IPv6, Teredo or anything like that. One can read about all those thing on the Internet, but here we’re talking about plain old IPv4.

Register or log in and do the following:

  • get logins and passwords for your devices to set up PPTP tunnels to VPNKI (use as many devices as you like: there is no practical limit)
  • if necessary, specify networks reachable via each of these devices (your home network, country house network, etc.)
  • follow the instructions to set up routing – bring up your tunnels and check connectivity



To get a better insight into VPNKI operation, please refer site pages.


VPNKI – your very own VPN gateway and router for private networks